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Public Speaking Webinar on 20th November

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Biji Tushar

About Management Me

Management Me provides
Insights for a lifetime and is a Personal growth company specialising in the developing individuals to their best version through coaching, counselling and training.
Our Committment: Contributing to improve the Human connect in Family and Organisations.
Tools:Psychometrics, DMIT, Counselling, Psychotherapy, graphology, Mentoring & Life Coaching.
An inspirational speaker, NLP practitioner, counselor, and psychotherapist, Biji Tushar is a Life Designer as a whole. Her interest in understanding performance challenges helps her in uncovering result-driven resolutions.
Ex vice-principal of Vivek Vidyalaya, Biji blends 30yrs of experience into her Workshops & Training in organizations and institutes such as RTI, Audit Bhavan, RIIFT Fashion Mall, and MBA institutes.She executes her approach titled "School of Confidence"  and delivers online and offline courses on Public Speaking, Resilience, Stress management, self-management,Personality development, Emotional Intelligence and sports parenting, among others.
Awards and Recognition
2.Master trainer and Certified Life Coach.
3.BEST TEACHER’S AWARD from Rotary Club of Mumbai Shining.
7.Featured as a Women Achiever in on 20th July 2016..
8.Interviewed on being a women achiever and featured in
9.Authored a book & written various articles and poems on her experiences & published in magazines and newspapers.
10. Judged various speaking events at School, college level & organisations like Times of India, Federal Bank etc.
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Given a choice most of us would want to avoid addressing a crowd as much as we can. What we fail to realize is that we lose out on an opportunity to unleash our true potential every time we choose to sit tight in our chairs instead of taking the stage. We are often given opportunities to showcase our confidence by sharing our ideas and captivating the minds of our audience with our stories. Our webinar on public speaking aims to train you in harnessing your strengths and enabling you to speak confidently in public.

Most videos available online especially, the free ones are created with the intent of upselling where, the creator usually shares a few generalized tips and promises much more useful content in their “Paid” book or course. These videos are not created keeping in mind the audience and their needs. Our webinar aims to train you based on your needs. As this event takes place live, you have the opportunity to interact with me and clear any doubts that you may have on the spot which, online videos will never be able to provide.

Our success lies in you winning and becoming the best version of yourselves. In this webinar we address your needs and concerns with respect to public speaking. Unlike many who claim that the ability to speak well in public is a gift only a few are born with, we believe that public speaking is a skill that can be learnt by anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves. The successful speakers who have emerged from our classes are a testament to the quality of the training we have been delivering for many years now.
The webinar is scheduled for this weekend (4th December, 2021 Saturday) keeping in mind the schedule of our participants. It is a three-hour webinar, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm
What we are giving you is of great value and use, and we can promise you that what you give us, you will get back ten-fold. All we ask of you to do here is trust us with this process of helping you overcome your anxiousness and stage-fright, all while building a connection with the crowd.

In this webinar, we target three broad areas that individuals usually struggle with the most. The first is overcoming anxiety, second is overcoming stage-fear and lastly building a connection with the audience. Most of us often get anxious at the thought of having to give a speech or even going onstage. In this webinar you will learn to break free of these fears that grip you. With our engaging activities and techniques, you will also learn how to build a deep and impacting connection with your audience. 


Our Courses for Public Speaking

Speak Calmly

*Dealing with anxiety
*Overcoming fear
*Body language
*Understanding the audience
*Platform skills &
*How to make speeches that make an impact

Speak Fearlessly

*Presentation skills
*Audience engagement
*Improving fluency
*Speaking styles
*Creating interaction
*Asking the right questions
*Creating 1 video of u speaking on a particular topic

Speak Convincingly

*KELP to help u become more effective.
*Story telling in public speaking
*Analysing various speakers and enhancing your style
*Creative Visualization for efficiency.
*Guided imagery for confidence

Speak Confidently

Includes all the previous modules., along with three videos + handholding and an opportunity to speak in our events.
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